Art Installation, Moving and Design Services

Art Installation Design (AID) specializes in installation, transportation and design services for galleries, museums, private and corporate collectors throughout the NYC area and the continental United States. You can reach the trained professionals of AID at either of their two locations.

Contact us at the Warwick office: (845) 986-9709 or our Bronx Warehouse: (718) 993-2225 to learn more.

Why Select Art Installation Design


Art Installation Design follows in the footsteps of Jim Lebron, the original art mover, and installer. Today, we are honored to adapt many of his principles into our art handling skills and techniques. AID combines this historical knowledge and continues to innovate using new, improved materials to help safely transport, protect, and store valuable items.

Our company founder, Tom Zoufaly personally selects only the most experienced technicians, some with over 35 years of experience in the field. Our technicians are carefully screened and trained by AID supervisors in proper art handling, installation, and safety procedures.

AID provides its staff with continuing education to learn about innovations in our industry. Combining new with traditional and time-honored techniques, our team has the skills, tools, and know-how to get each project done right.

We are grateful to have earned the trust of our museum, gallery, institutional, and collector clients.


Art Installation Design was established in 1984 as a premier art moving, installation, and delivery company. Soon, the company developed into an installation design sensation, known for our attention to detail, for employing creative solutions and for embracing state of the art techniques. Our company founder, Tom Zoufaly, has personally directed the company since its beginning while encouraging many creative forces to shape AID’s direction. The company continues to work with top collectors, galleries, and museums in New York City, throughout the United States and abroad.

Through the meticulous work of Tom, AID has created a new niche in art installation characterized by beautiful and creative display techniques. We work closely and communicate frequently with our clients throughout the entire process of transportation, delivery, and installation. This results in organized, timely installations and a sense of comfort for all.

For The Love of Art!

We love what we do, and that’s evident in each person who works for Art Installation Design. A positive outlook and the professional appearance of each technician is essential to the mission of AID.

Our entire transportation fleet from a small panel van to a large Freightliner is maintained and serviced continually. We encourage our CDL operators to make suggestions about new and innovative equipment that might be useful in our work. The mission is simple: enjoy your environment, participate in the future of AID, and go home every day feeling accomplished!


Art Installation Design is proud to offer a two-hour seminar on art handling, installation, transportation, environmental conditions, tools, pertinent art terms, simple applications, and more. Call or email us for a private seminar or sign up for one of our annual scheduled events.