Art Installation Design Staff with Tom Zoufaly

Our Team

Trust the trained art technicians of Art Installation Design for efficient art handling for art gallery exhibitions, private collectors, museums, and corporate institutions. Each member of our staff works diligently to design and implement the perfect art installation.

Tom Zoufaly Art Installation Design Founder

Tom Zoufaly


Tom Zoufaly is the founder and owner of Art Installation Design.  Under his leadership, AID has evolved into a sophisticated boutique operation dedicated to the customized needs of the art world.

Tom began his career as Installation Manager for Jim Lebron, who encouraged him to start his own art installation company.  For over 40 years, Tom has designed and affected some of the most innovative and interesting art installations.  He continues to instruct his AID team on the finer points of design, as well as new techniques to make the impossible possible.

Tom constantly searches for new practices, hardware, and protocols in handling and moving precious works of art. His dedication to the preservation of all works of art through education is the mission Tom continues to embrace. He strives to improve the quality of AID service, reduce costs, and protect our fragile environment through innovation.

Jerry Rivera, Art Installation Design

Jerry Rivera

Senior Technician & Acting Director

Jerry Rivera is Senior Technician and Acting Director of Art Installation Design. Jerry has over 30 years of experience in the business, spending his early years under the tutelage of Mr. Jim Lebron, a pioneer in the industry.

Jerry is a Master Carpenter, with expertise in the handling of fine art, material applications, and hardware fabrication design. Under his strong and steady direction, he provides technical supervision as well as material applications knowledge to unique projects and the day to day operations of AID.

He has directed and completed dozens of successful installations requiring customized hanging systems, hardware, and unique approaches to each project. The leadership he demonstrates encourages our technicians and assistants to work together as a team with the ultimate goal of success through education.