Emir Tabakovic

My name is Emir Tabakovic, I am an artist and graduated from Pratt Institute in 2016. In my practice I focus on painting, and through my work I explore the idea of the abandoned. To me, the visual appearance of an abandoned object or environment, is the result of the lack of human interaction. I am interested on creating paintings that capture and highlight these neglected environments, as I am intrigued by the textures of rust, erosion, chipped paint, torn surfaces, and fading colors.

I have a painting studio in my apartment in Brooklyn, so since the outbreak I have been able to paint more and begin larger-scale works during this challenging time.

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All work copyright Emir Tabakovic

California, by Emir Tabakovic, oil on canvas, 40 in. x 46 in.

Rusty, by Emir Tabakovic, oil on canvas, 56 in. x 80 in.